Architectural & Design (A&D) customer support

We have an immediate, full-time opening for "Architectural & Design (A&D) customer support". This position will support a wide range of customer types (architects/designers, sub/general / electrical contractors), worldwide through the process of design, specification, procurement and installation of Sensitile's materials via written, telephone conversation and online meeting tools
Duties include but are not limited to the following:
Pre-order customer support:
Provide customer support as it relates to the material, its applications, installation requirements (including hard-ware) and lighting components supplied with or recommended for various Sensitile products
Create drawings as needed to demonstrate architectural detail for ease of customer comprehension and use with material literature.
Review of architectural drawings to perform take-offs for purposes of creating job estimates
Provide rough budgetary or formal estimates for projects based upon available guidelines and knowledge of manufacturing constraints
Use customer feed-back regarding project requirements (budgetary, timelines, material attributes, other) to make relevant alternate material suggestions.
Follow-up with customers regarding estimates provided, critical analysis of information received and navigate through the value-engineering process while retaining specification of one of Sensitile's diverse materials in projects
After orders are placed:
Create/Review shop drawings created for accuracy and transmit to customers for approval prior to manufacture
Assist with the determination and communication of cost implications of any change orders during the order placement/production process
Support customers through the processes of production and installation of Sensitile's materials.
Creation of final project document by incorporating relevant information taken during the quality control process.
Meticulous, organized attention to detail and willing to learn
Enthusiastic and able to work in a fast paced environment
Ability to reliably and consistently work 40 hours a week
Team player, good communication skills, patient
Ability to work with tight deadlines
Willing to work outside of the "job description"
Bachelor's degree or above in architecture or interior design
Prior experience in the fields of custom construction/carpentry/architecture/creating job-estimates is preferred though not mandatory
Software requirements: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD and Sketchup

Don't Be Fooled

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